Prophet Hope Percy Khoza is one of the most sought after young prophets in this generation. He has preached in more than 38 countries and 80 cities in his 6 years of ministry. He is known for his dynamic revelotory preachings, accurate prophecies,miracles and a genuine heart for the things of God. Hope Percy khoza is the husband to Robyn Chante Khoza and father to Adriel Khoza.  Prophet Hope has opened 12 churches in 6 countries, namely : Brazil,Tanzania,South Africa,India,England,Ireland and Netherlands under his spiritual father Prophet Passion Java. Having served under Prophets Passion Java and Lily Java for 7 years now, he has undoubtedly become a force to be reckoned with in the Kingdom of God. He Pastors a church in South Africa Kempton Park and and Cape Town called Kingdom Embassy that is a blessing to hundreds of people daily. He has grown tremendously on social media, reaching thousands of people everyday through his live programs. Prophet Hope has become famous for his prophetic teachings and trainings program, having taught more than 3360 people in the prophetic since the start of these training programs to date. A man of wisdom, love, humility and respect. God has blessed him with all, a beautiful family, houses, cars and riches. 

Prophet Hope & Robyn Spiritual family

Prophet Passion Java is the founder of Kingdom Embassy and together with Lily, they are the lead Pastors.

Prophet Hope and Robyn are the Pastors at Kingdom Embassy Kempton Park.

Robyn Chante Khoza is a prolific speaker known for a words of wisdom and accurate prophetic words. She currently mentors hundreds of women from around the world through her WhatsApp mentorship program and social media messages everyday. She is currently partnering with a number of non-profit organisations for her monthly giving programs. Her humility and love touches the hearts of many on a daily basis.

Prophets Passion and Lily Java have played a tremendous role in the mentorship of Hope and Robyn Khoza. They are they’re parents in the Lord. Since 2014 Hope and Robyn Khoza have enjoyed they’re teachings and guidance and continue to learn and grow everyday. Prophets Passion and Lily Java currently stay in the USA and have been blessed mightily by God. They own multi million dollar companies along with a couple of churches across the US. They are known for the deep forensic prophetic anointing  mentoring and raising thousands around the world.