This WhatsApp mentorship promises to take you to the next level spiritually, physically and mentally. There will be teachings, declarations and prophetic words on a daily basis. All participants will be getting my latest books and materials for free(If available) and study notes. Every second week will be a zoom session for question and answer purposes. This is for those that want to be challenged spiritually for the next 10 weeks. These are the topics we will be dealing with over the weeks:

Week 1 & 2 : Spiritual gifts and how to increase them.

Week 3 & 4 : Visions, dreams, angels, & tongues and interpretation

Week 5 & 6 : Growing your influence, ministry/church and becoming effective.

Week 7 & 8 : Spiritual dimensions, discovering your assignment, spiritual protocols and wisdom for finances.

Week 9 & 10: Spiritual release/impartation, prophetic direction, mastering leadership and learning to maintain balance.