Seers Mentorship Program


The seers mentorship program is the best place to learn all there is to know about the seer realm. Raising seers for this season has become a priority because God is releasing a new anointing to the church. Be equipped by Prophet Hope Khoza to function well in the dream world, visions, angels and more. This program will run for two months and upon joining, you will be added to the Seers whatsapp group.



This WhatsApp mentorship promises to take you to the next level spiritually, physically and mentally. There will be teachings, declarations and prophetic words on a daily basis. Every second week will be a zoom session for question and answer purposes. This is for those that want to be challenged spiritually for the next 8 weeks. These are the topics we will be dealing with over the weeks:

Spiritual gifts and how to increase them

Visions and power of tongues

GROWING in your gift

Spiritual dimensions, discovering your assignment, spiritual protocols and wisdom for public places. Spiritual release/impartation, prophetic direction, mastering and learning to maintain balance.


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