Judging a prophetic word

Any time you hear a prophetic word, it must be judged. Methods for judgement include the full testimony of Scripture (does the word align with God, as revealed in the Bible?), the testimony of the Holy Spirit within you (do I feel faith about this word? Even if it’s bad news, do I have an inner sense of “yes” from God?), and of course as said in Revelation, the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Therefore, does the word sound like Jesus? Like a husband with his bride, like a shepherd with his sheep, like the head of the Church universal speaking to His people?

After judging if you think the word is from God, spend time asking the Holy Spirit what you’re supposed to do with it. All prophetic words are conditional, or at least have conditional elements to them. Your response to God’s prompting will in part determine what role you play in the word’s fulfillment (or lack thereof). Perhaps you’re simply supposed to pray, “Lord, have your way.” and put the word on a metaphorical shelf. Perhaps you’re supposed to print it out and make declarations every day. Perhaps you should take it to your pastor(s) or leader(s) and have them judge it. For sure, if you feel a witness that this word is for you, you should take action. Print it out, pray into it, remind yourself of how it applies to you and pray in faith that God is at work. The Holy Spirit will show you what to do; remember, it’s the Spirit who leads us into all truth. The Spirit grows us and shows us how to live, so trust in God’s guideance in this.

Look back at your own past: what prophetic words have been spoken over you which are unfulfilled? What dreams have you had which have died? What places or people have you written-off? Watch out for those places, people, dreams, and words becoming the sudden source of life in 2020 and beyond.

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